At the same time, this may be the most dangerous and responsible time in a woman's life. Future parents will do everything possible to ensure the health of a woman and her unborn child throughout her pregnancy.

Because purchasing baby supplies is something that all expectant parents do, there is no real ritual involved.

However, purchasing baby stuff too early may be risky. This phenomenon appears to have no clear explanation. For whatever reason, it is commonly held that anticipatory excitement and delight (regardless of the focus of such emotions) can lead to loss and disappointment. But is this superstition true? Keep on reading to find out!

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Getting Baby Stuff Early – Good or Bad luck

Going into something headfirst is rarely a good idea. Who, on the other hand, could hold expectant parents responsible for preparing a nursery and stocking up on newborn necessities?

This applies not only to parents and mothers but also to any close relatives or acquaintances. Many people wonder if it's okay to buy baby gear before the baby is born.

A popular Bulgarian belief holds that discussing one's pregnancy will only bring bad luck. They believe it is best kept a secret for the sake of the outcome.

In other words, it's the concern we discussed earlier. This, of course, is not unique to Bulgarian culture.

You shouldn't tell anyone you're pregnant if "evil forces" interfere with your happiness.

While some expectant mothers do not believe in such nonsense, others prefer to be absolutely certain that everything is in order before they relax. Several would publicly announce their pregnancies and even throw parties before giving birth.

Given the significant financial commitment of having a child, it is time for well-wishers to shower the expecting parents with gifts that will make their lives easier in the coming years.

The modern-day concept of a baby shower can be traced back to ancient times, including Ancient Egypt. Many people still follow this tradition today. Some expectant mothers are overjoyed and eager to stock up on baby necessities after only two months of pregnancy.

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Should You Buy Any Baby Stuff In Your First Trimester?

If the worst comes and you've already begun buying baby stuff in the first trimester, when everything is still a little uncertain, having that solid reminder in your home will be unpleasant.

But, in the end, it's your life, and you have every right to make whatever decisions you feel fit.

Before making large purchases for the baby during the first trimester, consider these variables. Only you can decide if you truly need to go out and buy baby stuff right now or whether you're acting on impulse.

If you must buy baby-related purchases during the first trimester, keep them as simple as possible.

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Instead of buying anything, you may get down and create a baby budget. Identify your needed products, estimate costs, and assess your financial resources.

Make a list and start researching the best brands that are within your baby's budget, as the planning process can be a lot of fun.

Saving money for a new baby should be done as soon as feasible.

The first trimester of pregnancy is an excellent time to stock up on a few baby necessities, such as:

  • Journal for the expecting woman to keep track of her pregnancy or new baby's progress over the next several months.
  • Pregnant women's supplements
  • An attachment that expands the waistband of your pants.
  • You may effectively manage your pregnancy by using the 50 pages of my pregnancy planner, which is loaded with checklists, calendars, and tips for each trimester.
Should You Buy Any Baby Stuff In Your First Trimester

When Should You Start Buying For Baby?

If you want to know the gender of your baby, we recommend deferring most of your shopping until after the 20-week ultrasound. If you're planning a baby shower, you might want to extend the event so you can use all the gifts.

Remember that you still have a long way to go in your pregnancy and that well-meaning loved ones may want to help.

By the middle of your third trimester, you should have the following items prepared for your baby:

  • They will need a mattress and a cot or Moses basket to sleep on.
  • Sheets and a watertight protector for a cot mattress
  • Switching Mat
  • 4 towels
  • Child restraints
  • Pushchair
  • 7 sets of baby clothes (including sleepsuits, vests if your due date is in the winter, and hats)
  • If a winter delivery is planned, buy a warm pram outfit.
  • Seven Muslins and Seven Bibs
  • Bouncy seat and/or play mat
  • Wipes, diapers, shampoo, and lotion for babies
  • Diapers made of cloth
  • Infant toys like rattles, swaddle blankets, and cloth books are entertaining and educational.

Don't overspend on baby clothes and blankets because you never know what you'll get as a gift.

What Should You Buy First?

When expecting, most parents-to-be splurge on a new wardrobe for their child. These are inexpensive and practical, and there's something about seeing a little baby dressed up that brings everything to peace.

Shop around a little to get what you want for the best price, and don't feel obligated to make large purchases like the stroller and crib.

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Any busy parent who travels a lot or is always on the go knows the importance of protecting their child while they do daily chores or important out-of-city travels.

You should try to have the nursery ready for your baby by the middle of your third trimester. Your final weeks of pregnancy will be spent with ease.

What Should You Buy First


Nesting is the act of preparing for the birth of a child, which frequently includes the purchase of various items. Every pregnancy is unique, and every person is amazing, and this is no exception. When you do, it is entirely up to you.

Whether or not you splurge on baby gear early in your pregnancy has no bearing on the outcome. Many, if not nearly all, expecting parents who had healthy babies also spent money on baby gear. Some may even believe that not stocking up on baby necessities before the new arrival is unlucky.

In several countries, you cannot leave the hospital without your infant dressed and secured in a car seat. It's difficult to do that after the baby is born for practical reasons. Furthermore, no one wants to put together a crib right after giving birth.

Finally, do what feels right to you and trust your instincts while enjoying your pregnancy. If you know in your heart that you made the right decision, don't let anyone or anything — not even this website — persuade you otherwise.

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