The reason why we recommend this age range is that at this age, babies are too young to spend hours in the water and can't swim yet either. But by 3 months, you can take your baby into the water if they wear a swim nappy or shorts with a waterproof cover and vest or T-shirt. By 6 months, they should be able to swim wearing just a T-shirt or vest.

If you want to take your older child swimming, you'll need to ensure they have been taught how to hold their breath underwater (i.e., how to stay afloat without panicking) before taking them into deeper water where there's any risk of drowning.

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How to protect the baby from the glaring Sun?

Babies younger than six months should not be allowed to sit in the Sun even for a few minutes. Baby skin does not produce melanin and cannot fight harmful UV rays. A few minutes of exposure are also enough to cause damage to the skin and burn it. Babies under six months must be placed in a shady area at all times.

Babies older than six months can be brought out in the Sun, but this should be done when it is not at its peak. The Sun will be the brightest from 11 am to 3 pm. You must ensure that the baby or even toddlers are not exposed to the Sun during this time. To avoid sun exposure, you can plan an early trip to the beach or a late evening trip. This way, you can enjoy the beach without worrying about sun exposure.

Furthermore, babies or toddlers should not be brought to the beach without sunscreen. It is best to make babies wear summer-friendly fabric clothes that cover their legs and arms without making them feel hot. Any exposed area should be applied with a sunscreen formulated particularly for babies.

The sunscreen must offer UVA and UVB protection and be at least SPF 15. The sunscreen must be reapplied after every few hours to ensure that the sunscreen barrier remains strong.

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How should you prepare for a baby beach day out?

A beach day out with and without a baby is a completely different situation. You need to prepare quite much when going out with a baby. Here are some essentials that must be present with you for a baby’s beach day out:

  • Extra pair of summer-friendly clothes.
  • Windbreak to ensure privacy, protect the baby from strong winds, and create a boundary for your active and adventurous little crawler.
  • Towels to wipe the baby dry and clean him up. Make sure to have an extra pair, as it can get sandy and dirty easily.
  • An umbrella or a UV shade to provide a shady spot for your baby if the beach does not have any.
  • A wide floppy hat to protect the baby’s face and hands from direct sunlight,
  • Picnic blankets to provide a clean and sand-free spot for your baby or child to sit and enjoy without getting sand all over him.
  • Sunscreen as it needs to be reapplied after every few hours or if the child plays in the water.
  • A cool bag to store food, milk, snacks, and water to keep him fed at all times. A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Water must be present to prevent dehydration and cool the body from all the heat.
  • All your baby essentials, including feeding equipment, diapers, toys, or anything else, keep your baby happy and busy.
  • An emergency kit that may include medicines and Band-Aids.
  • Floating suits, rings, armbands, swimsuits, glasses, and a flip flop for older children.
  • Beach toys include spades, buckets, balls, and any other beach toy available.

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How to keep the baby safe at the beach?

Babies enjoy a splash of water and some fresh air. But it should be made sure by the parent that this enjoyment is made as safe as possible for the baby. The best way to protect the baby’s sensitive skin from heat and UV exposure is to avoid peak hours and visit a bit early or late.

Babies can be allowed in the water only if they are supervised and held tightly at all times. Waves can be unforgiving at times; therefore, extreme caution should be taken if you take your baby in the water.

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To avoid mishaps, it is safest to stay in shallow and slow-wave areas. For toddlers, using floats and armbands is encouraged, but they should still not be let out of sight.

Sand can be fascinating for children and babies; ensure they do not take it inside their bodies as the sand can also be dirty and make your baby sick. If left unattended, sand can even choke a baby, so babies, toddlers, and even older children must never be left unattended.


What should my baby wear to the beach?

Summer-friendly loose clothing that covers the arms and legs is perfect for the beach.

What should the baby eat at the beach?

If your baby is breastfed, you can easily feed him in a shady area. If your child is older, take finger foods and healthy snacks that your toddler likes to eat.

Is it safe for newborns to go to the beach?

It is best to avoid taking a newborn to the beach. But if you really want to go, do so early in the morning or late to avoid sun rays and make all necessary arrangements to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

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Final Thoughts

A beach day out on a summer holiday is a great way to enjoy and refresh. Babies also enjoy the beach, but lots of sun exposure can be dangerous for kids. Babies under six months can also be taken to the beach, but they must be kept under shade at all times.

All necessary precautions and forethought must be taken and done while planning a beach day out with your baby.

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