The process of bringing life into the world is a beautiful phenomenon where nature displays its strength through the miracle of birth.

This journey from the beginning requires commitment and planning because two people bringing new life into the world means total and complete dependence of a living, breathing being on you.

You need to take care of them in every possible way care is required. It is a full-time job where you can often be left feeling exhausted and drained. So the real question arises, when does parenting become less exhausting?

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Hannah Holt

Hannah Holt September 11, 2022 — 4 minutes read

When does parenting get less exhausting - does it ever?

The simplest answer to this timeless question is that parenting never stops being exhausting. The feeling of exhaustion transitions as your child grows. As a newborn,   it is comparatively easier than at any other age.

This is when the child is stationary and is not mobile. They cannot move and spend most of the day sleeping. You as a parent can easily get your tasks done as soon as you have put the baby to sleep, however, the hurdle that parents usually face is the ‘newness’ of the situation.

They are usually adjusting to the lifestyle and constantly feel the pressure of being available for their child. They are emotionally overwhelmed and are overcome by the guilt of not being good parents.

This reigns emotional havoc and even though the child does not require the parents physically all the time yet the parents can easily feel emotionally burnt out.

Moving on from this stage, the newborn child grows into a toddler where he/she starts to function and get acquainted with the idea of ‘independence’. Their curiosity drives them to perform every action on their own.

This age brings attempts at walking and as a result falling, eating, or drinking and the inevitable spilling. Furthermore, toddlers also have a natural urge to explore around, they can easily get themselves in trouble; household items such as knives, blades, sockets, etc. need to be kept out of their reach.

Parents have to constantly run around with their children and make sure that they do not get themselves in trouble. Thus, this can be exhausting and vexing for the parents.

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As the child grows, so does responsibility. Parents can be often found worrying about their children even after they are grownups. This is a natural phenomenon as they are emotionally connected and cannot see their loved ones in any form of trouble. So, when does parenting get less exhausting?

It does not but there are ways that parents can and should adapt to recharge and relax that would help them build a more effective relationship         with their children;

Plan in advance

First and foremost, when a couple decides to start a family, they should research. Learn what challenges this decision will bring and how everyone around you is coping with them. Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and financially.

Understand that this is not a one-day job rather it would alter your life forever. When you have completely accepted and processed the changes and challenges a baby will bring along then start trying.

Seek help

Seek help

A common mistake that many new parents make is that they let the sense of guilt overwhelm them when it comes to asking for help with their baby. This, in turn, leaves them exhausted and worn out.

They get depressed and even small tasks can take the shape of an elephant. Don't make the same mistake, rather understand that it is a long-term commitment, and taking some time out for yourself would only help you get better at it.

Ask a family member or a friend to look after the baby for an hour or two while you decompress. A few hours to yourself will not harm you or your child and even help you rejuvenate.

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Know your worth

Know your worth

As new parents, it is very easy to question your worth in terms of being a responsible parent, whether every action of yours is suitable for the baby or not, whether you are doing the best or not.

Many parents even feel lacking when they see other parents tackling problems more efficiently than they are not able to. You must remind yourself that you are doing the best and simultaneously, every couple is struggling with something or the other.

Dealing with the situation as a competition would only lead to more stress and disturbance of mental health. Remind yourself again and again that you are a good parent and that you can and will ultimately overcome the hurdles that may come your way.

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It is vital to take some time out for yourself where you as a parent indulge in tasks that you enjoy. You can spend time reading books, watching shows, or doing any other activity that helps you relax.

This process of self-prioritization will help you be both emotionally and physically present for your child entirely. You will also be able to provide your undivided attention to the baby which is the most important step toward effective parenting.


When does parenting get less exhausting?

It does not get less exhausting but with the right techniques, it transforms into a fun and enjoyable journey.

What makes parenting exhausting?

Mostly, it is the constant stress that new parents feel regarding their efficient performance. Later on, it changes as the child grows. As a parent, you never want to see your child in trouble, and thus, you constantly try to be there for them and protect them which is majorly what makes the whole process exhausting.

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In light of the information provided above, it can easily be understood that parenting is a full-time job that you as a parent would be signing up for.

Overwhelming yourself with stress and workload will not help you enjoy the little moments with your little one so it is best to understand your capacity to work as a human and take the necessary measures that would keep you charged and active as a parent.

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