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I am Hannah Holt,

I worked as a sales representative at Sansbury Grocery Store in London during my pregnancy. Due to my pregnancy and work, I had little time to spend with myself. I was alone and was deprived of the supervision of my family's elder women.

I had faced many troubles during and after pregnancy. The first and the foremost misery I faced was my visit to the maternity hospital for delivery. At night 8' o Clock, my husband was busy watching cricket matches and paid zero attention to my upcoming child and me. I had contractions and called the ambulance. They fetch me to the hospital. I went there with empty hands. I had prepared no bag, no clothing as I was not in my all senses. I spent three days there, where I hadn't the maternity bag. I forgot to arrange proper food for me before the time arrived; only I had 3 of my baby suits. Isn't it a misery!

After that experience, I realized I had made a real blunder by not preparing my maternity bag. It happened because I never knew how many baby care products were available in the market. And how much it is important to take to the hospital. I even had not a feeder for my baby because I had the mind to give breastfeed. Except for breastfeeding, a newborn needs a feeder too, which I didn't know.

After delivery, one day, when I was searching for a baby bathtub, I came across a product that had taken my nerves. When I bought that tub, I found it not actually what I was looking for. The reason was inadequate information on the product.

My passion for writing started when I failed to find the desired product descriptions and personal reviews. I decided to spread true information about baby products and reports on those.

Purpose of Revivebaby

I have created, Revive Baby website to spread my knowledge to make other moms' lives easier.

I hope that one day I will be able to help many other mothers and their babies.

I want to write blogs about baby care products and experiences, which encouraged me to write blogs.

I want to enlist a few common products and information for a mother who may require raising her newborn to a grown-up child.

These products can be used in the house, outside, and even in the car. These products include baby bathtubs, feeding bottles, and baby swings.

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Benefits from Revive Baby

The benefits of following Revive baby product knowledge and blogs reading while upbringing your child are:

  1. You get to know what works and what doesn't work for your kid.
  2. You can use this knowledge to help your child develop a healthy relationship with their developing body and mind.
  3. Using these products at the appropriate time will make parenting much easier for you because it will save you from making many mistakes.
  4. You won't have to spend so much money on unnecessary items that don't work the way they should or on products that are unsafe for your child's developing body and mind.

The mission of Revive Baby

Welcome to Revive Baby Blog. We're on a mission to make your life easier. We know you're busy, so we've created this resource for you. Here you'll find tips, tricks, and product information about everything from getting prepared for the baby to using products in the best way possible. We'll also share experiences from other mothers who are experts in growing up babies —so whether it's advice on breastfeeding or tips for introducing solids, we've got you covered!

Baby guides are very important for new moms because they are unaware of many tips and tricks for raising a healthy and happy child. They also contain information about baby products available in the market today, such as diapers, clothes, cribs, strollers, and other things that can use in raising children.

Our Team

dr laiba

Dr. Laiba

Dr. Laiba is a PMDC-certified pediatrician with three years of experience at the children's hospital in Lahore. She is experienced in helping with issues like:

  • Taking care of the most common problem in newborn babies.
  • Taking steps for proper child growth and development.
  • Management of newborn disorders and feeding disorders.
  • Vaccination and immunization for newborn infants and adolescents.
  • Taking care of babies with allergies, type 1 diabetes, and hormonal disorders.

Her hard work, dedication, and love for her profession make her one of the best pediatric doctors, and now, with her blog, she wants to help many new moms who are facing issues while raising a newborn.

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