Double strollers, designed to accommodate two children simultaneously, have become increasingly popular among parents for their convenience and versatility. However, the question on many parents' minds is, "Do I need a double stroller?"

In this blog post, we'll explore the factors you should consider when deciding whether a double stroller is right for your family. We'll be concerned about your children's ages, lifestyle, daily activities, and budget constraints. We'll also discuss the advantages of having a double stroller, alternatives to consider, and situations where a double stroller may not be necessary.

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Do I Need A Double Stroller?

Let's explore each scenario:

For a 3-Year-Old and Newborn

  • In this case, a double stroller may be a process that takes time. A 3-year-old can walk alongside you or use a single stroller for shorter outings. However, if you anticipate long walks or your older child tires easily, a double stroller could provide convenience and comfort, especially during the early months when the Newborn requires frequent attention.

For a 2-Year-Old and Newborn

  • Having a double stroller becomes more practical in this scenario. A 2-year-old may not have the stamina to walk long distances, and managing both children without a double stroller can be challenging. It can be a valuable investment to ensure smoother outings and maintain your toddler's comfort.

For a 4-Year-Old and Newborn

  • For a 4-year-old, a double stroller may not be essential. Older siblings are generally more independent at this age and can walk alongside you during outings. However, if your 4-year-old has special needs or gets tired easily, a double stroller could still be useful for longer trips.

For a 2.5-Year-Old and Newborn

For a 2.5-Year-Old and Newborn
  • This falls somewhere in between the other scenarios. A 2.5-year-old will likely benefit from a double stroller, especially if you have an active lifestyle or need to manage both children alone. It can provide a convenient way to transport both kids and accommodate their needs.

The decision to invest in a double stroller depends on your family's specific circumstances, including the age and temperament of your older child, your daily activities, and your budget. Consider factors like the frequency of outings, the convenience a double stroller offers, and your comfort.

If you find that a double stroller enhances your family's quality of life and makes outings more manageable, it could be a wise choice, regardless of the age gap between your children.

Factors Consider While Getting A Double Stroller

Several important factors come into play when deciding whether to invest in a double stroller for your children. These factors help determine if a double stroller suits your family's needs and circumstances. Here are the key factors to consider:

Number and Age of Children

  • The age gap between your children plays a crucial role. Older children may be more capable of walking or using a single stroller, while younger ones may require constant attention and care. Assess the needs of both children to determine if a double stroller is necessary.

Budget Considerations

  • Double strollers can vary significantly in price. Assess your budget and weigh the cost of a double stroller against its potential benefits. Consider whether the investment is worthwhile for your family's comfort and convenience.

Safety and Comfort

  • Look into the safety features of the double stroller, such as harnesses, brakes, and stability. Ensure it offers a comfortable ride for both children, including adjustable seating and ample storage for essentials.

Age Gap Considerations

  • The age difference between your children can influence your decision. Smaller age gaps make a double stroller more practical, while larger ones allow other transportation solutions.

Personal Preferences

  • Lastly, consider your personal preferences and parenting style. Some parents prefer the convenience of a double stroller, while others opt for different methods of managing their children during outings. Choose what aligns best with your family's values and comfort.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Double Strollers?





Accommodates two children simultaneously.

Bulkier and heavier compared to single strollers.

Reduces the need for carrying one child.

It can be challenging to navigate in crowded spaces.

Suitable for twins or children close in age.

Takes up more storage space when not in use.


Offers various seating configurations.

Some models may need to fit through narrow doorways.

Can adapt to growing children's needs.

More complex folding mechanisms in some models.


Provides comfortable seating for both kids.

Tandem strollers may not offer equal views.

It may include adjustable recline and sunshades.

Side-by-side strollers may be wider for sidewalks.


Equipped with safety harnesses and brakes.

Higher price point compared to single strollers.

Ensures better child supervision and control.

Bulk and weight can be challenging for some users.


Potentially cost-effective for two children.

Initial investment can be relatively high.

It may save money compared to buying two singles.

Maintenance and repair costs can add up.

Storage and Transport

Often includes storage compartments.

It may not fit well in small car trunks.

Foldable designs for easier storage.

It can be cumbersome to carry when folded.

Long-Term Use

Suitable for families planning more children.

May not be needed as children grow and gain independence.

It can serve as an investment for several years.

It can become obsolete as children outgrow it.

Alternatives to Double Strollers

Several alternatives can be considered based on your family's needs and preferences. These alternatives offer different ways to transport your children when you have a newborn and an older child. Here are some common alternatives:

Single Stroller with Rider Board

Attach a rider board or a standing platform to your single stroller, allowing your older child to stand or sit on it while you push it.



Cost-effective as it utilizes your existing single stroller.

They have limited seating or comfort options for the older child.

Offers mobility and convenience for shorter trips.

It is unsuitable for long walks or situations where both children need to sit.

Easy to store and transport.


Use a baby carrier or sling to carry your newborn while your older child walks alongside or uses a stroller.



Provides close bonding with your baby.

It may not be ideal for longer outings or if your older child gets tired easily.

Leaves hands free for tending to your older child.

Some carriers can be less comfortable for extended use.

Suitable for various activities and terrains.

Tandem Stroller

Opt for a tandem stroller designed for children of different ages. In a tandem stroller, one child sits behind the other, providing both a seat.



It is more compact and easier to navigate tight spaces than side-by-side strollers.

Older children may have a less obstructed view.

Offers seating for both children with a single unit.

Some models can be heavy and challenging to fold.

Various seating configurations are available.

Side-by-Side Stroller

Use a side-by-side double stroller where both children sit beside each other.



Provides equal views and comfort for both children.

It can be wider and less maneuverable, making it challenging in narrow spaces.

Typically offers more storage space.

It may not fit through some doorways.

Suitable for outdoor activities and leisurely walks.



Consider a wagon designed for kids, accommodating both a newborn and an older child. Some wagons come with seats, canopies, and storage compartments.



Spacious and comfortable for both children.

Less suitable for urban environments and tight spaces.

It is ideal for picnics, trips to the park, or outdoor events.

They are less compact or portable than strollers.

Easy to pull or push.

Wind Up

The decision to use a double stroller or explore alternatives depends on your family's unique circumstances and preferences. Assess your children's age, mobility, and personalities, and consider your daily activities, budget, and available storage space. Ultimately, choose the option that makes outings comfortable and convenient for you and your little ones.

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