After this time limit, taking a break and letting go of the baby is recommended. If you plan to make a longer trip, it is best to carry the baby in a stroller or sling so that it can rest on your lap.

If you want to carry your baby for longer, do not hesitate to consult with your pediatrician before doing so.

If you want to use an infant carrier beyond two hours, your child must be at least six months old and 12 pounds (5 kg). The more weight your child has, the easier it will be for them to carry around in an infant carrier.

How To Keep Your Baby Safe In A Carrier?

If you plan on using a carrier, make sure you follow these safety guidelines:
- Don't wear your baby for two hours at a time (even if it's just around the house).
- Take regular breaks when wearing your child — at least every hour or two — to allow them time to "unwind." Even better, spread out those breaks throughout the day, so they're not all happening simultaneously.

When Can Baby Sit In a Stroller? - Revive Baby
Traveling with a baby is a difficult task. Babies are completely dependent on adults to perform every task. Therefore, when you are on the go and have duties to conduct yourself, taking care of and handling a baby can be an overwhelming task. In such situations especially designed baby gears

At what age can a baby carrier be used?

A baby carrier can be used from birth. A baby carrier can be used as soon as the baby is born, but the baby carrier should be specifically designed for newborn babies. Although they are the most basic type of baby carrier, they are the most comfortable ones for the baby as the mother.

They are made of soft cloth, provide great support for the baby's head, and are also comfortable for the mother. Babies are very delicate when they are born and must be handled with great care. A sling or a wrap is the best baby carrier to be used for newborn babies.

When babies grow a little older and have developed their neck muscles and are able to support their neck, soft padded modern baby carriers can be used. Slings and wraps can also be used for older babies up to 3 years, but children at this age are generally more active and also weigh more.

At what age can a baby carrier be used

Wrapping a child can make them uncomfortable, and the mother will also feel a lot of weight in a wrap. A modern baby carrier is best for older babies, which provides more weight support and also offers great back and weight support for the mother.

How long can a baby carrier be used?

Using a baby carrier is very common, and an effective way of managing things, but most parents worry about how long they can carry a baby in a carrier. There is no time limit for carrying a baby in a baby carrier.

  • It also depends on the baby's and mother's comfort level. Newborn babies are less active and tend to sleep more, so they are likely to spend more time in the carrier. Mothers also find it easy to carry small babies as they do not weigh much.
  • As the baby grows older, the baby's weight also increases, and the baby becomes more active. He needs more space to stretch himself and move his arms and legs. Such a baby will naturally not spend much time tied up in a carrier; the mother will also find it difficult to carry such a heavy weight for longer times while doing chores.
  • The main thing that should be of concern when using a baby carrier is that the baby should be happy and comfortable.
  • Most baby carriers ensure the right position for the baby, but still, attention should be paid to the baby's position whether he is staying for a long time or a short time. The parent must ensure that the knees are above the hip joint at all times to avoid hip dysplasia.


Q: Can I use a modern baby carrier for my newborn?

A: Modern baby carriers are usually not designed for newborn babies as they need some added neck and head support. Wraps and slings are best for newborn babies.

Q: Can I use a baby carrier for my three-year-old?

A: Three years old babies can be made to sit in a baby carrier as they may still feel the need to be close to their mother. However, the carrier that is used must be spacious enough to provide a comfortable seat for the baby and should allow the baby to sit in a frog position.

Q: Is there a health recommendation for limiting the time in a baby carrier?

A: There is no health recommendation for limiting the baby's time in the carrier. The babies should be instantly removed if they show signs of discomfort. A baby will let you know when they want to come out and are no longer comfortable in it.


The baby carrier is a great baby gear to be used with babies as they ease the parent's life and keep the baby snug and comfortable.

However, care should be given to the baby's position, and the baby's comfort should be made the top priority in deciding how long the baby can spend in the baby carrier.

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