Some companies also often expand this size to be 4-7 pounds.

The average weight of a full-term newborn at birth is 7 pounds and 6 ounces (3,500 grams) or more.

The average length of a full-term newborn at birth is 20 inches (51 centimeters). A preemie is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy or weighs less than 5 pounds 8 ounces (2500 grams).

How Should I Calculate Preemie Clothing Weight?

How Should I Calculate Preemie Clothing Weight?

A preemie is a baby born before 37 weeks gestation.

Preemies can be classified by weight.

  • Micro-preemies weigh less than 1,500 grams (3 pounds, 5 ounces).
  • Teeny preemies weigh 1,500 and 2,000 grams (3 pounds, 6 ounces to 4 pounds).
  • Tiny preemies weigh between 2,000 and 3,000 grams (4 to 6 pounds).
  • Small-for-dates babies weigh between 3,000 and 4,999 grams (6 to 10 pounds).
  • Large-for-dates babies weigh more than 5,000 grams (10 pounds).

If you had a premature baby or know someone who did, you may have heard terms like micro-preemie or teeny-preemie thrown around.

These weights refer to the size of your baby before birth. A micro-preemie is an infant whose weight is under 1 pound - 3 ounces, while a teeny-preemie weighs between 1 pound - 3 ounces and 2 pounds - 4 ounces at birth.

Baby Clothing Terms

When it comes to baby clothing, many different terms may be unfamiliar to you.

Micro Preemie: This refers to a baby born before 32 weeks gestation. A micro preemie's average weight at birth is between 1 and 2 pounds, 8 ounces. These tiny babies need extra special care and attention.

Teeny Tiny: This term refers to newborns weighing less than 5 pounds at birth. The average weight at birth for a teeny tiny baby is between 2 pounds and 4 pounds, 6 ounces. These little guys are also very fragile but have a better chance of survival than their micro counterparts.

Preemie: This term refers to any baby born before 37 weeks gestation (or 9 months). A preemie's average weight at birth is between 3 pounds, 4 ounces and 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

NICU-Friendly: A NICU-friendly garment is designed specifically for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The clothing is usually made of soft fabric that will not irritate sensitive skin or cause chaffing when rubbed against tubes or wires attached to your baby's body during treatment in the NICU.

What's the difference between Teeny and Micro Preemies? Whose clothes should I look for?

Teeny Preemies are babies who weigh 3-4 pounds at birth. Their clothes will fit them until they reach 12lbs - 14lbs (5kg - 6kg). We recommend looking for a size 0-3 months (up to 12 lbs) or 4-6 months (up to 14 lbs).

What Size Clothes Should You Buy For A Premature Baby?

Preemie clothing is typically smaller than normal clothing.

It means you should buy your preemie baby's clothes in the right size.

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There are several factors to consider when buying preemie clothes:

The good season:

In some parts of the world, babies who have been born early may be able to wear an extra layer or two under their winter clothes.

In other areas, this could lead to overheating, which is not good for a premature baby's health.

So make sure you consider whether it will be warm enough for your little one during their first few months so they do not get too hot.

The right age:

Preemies tend not to grow very fast since all energy goes towards building strength rather than growing quickly, as normal children do.

However, there are exceptions.

These exceptions include premature twin boys whose growth rate resembles full-term twins.

Preemie Cloth Sizing Chart

Preemie Cloth Sizing Chart

The following chart is a guide to help you understand how much your baby will weigh about their clothing size. Please note that this is an approximate guide and does not necessarily reflect your newborn's weight.


Weight (lbs)

Weight (Kgs)


+4 lbs to 6 lbs

2.2 kg to 3.1 kg


+5 lbs to 7 lbs

2.26 kg to 3.4 kg


+6 lbs to 8 lbs

2.7 kg to 3.6 kg


7 lbs - 12 lbs

3.3 kg - 5.4 kg

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Preemie Vs. Newborn Clothes

Preemie Vs. Newborn Clothes

When it comes to newborn clothes, there are several key differences between preemie and newborn clothing.

First, preemie clothing is smaller than newborn clothing.

It means that a piece of preemie clothing will fit a baby born at 37 weeks gestation (about five months and three weeks) more snugly than a newborn garment would.

It is because preemies often weigh less than full-term babies, and their parents may not be able to provide them with garments that are too large or bulky.

Second, preemie garments may be made from stretchy material.

They tend to be less stiff than their counterparts.

It means you can expect your little one to move more freely in the piece of clothing without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

Third, some pieces of preemie clothing are designed with open spaces in the arms and legs.

Preemies can wear these clothes over medical tubing or other devices that help keep the baby warm during sleep, such as a blanket or shawl.

These garments are also easier to put on as they do not require buttons or snaps like those on other baby clothes.

At What Ages Do Premature Babies Wear Newborn Clothes?

Preemie clothes are designed to be worn until your baby reaches a specific weight.

The average size of a preemie is 6-8 pounds at birth and 20 inches long, but some may weigh as less as 5 pounds and be 15 inches long.

Some premature babies can be wearing NB clothes for several weeks longer than others, depending on their stage of development and health.

Ask your doctor if you have any questions or need help deciding what clothing to buy for your baby.

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What Size Diaper Should A 30-Week Preemie Wear?

What Size Diaper Should A 30-Week Preemie Wear

If you are a 30-week preemie weighing 8 to 14 pounds, your baby should wear size one diapers.

If you are a 30-week preemie weighing 15 to 22 pounds, your baby should wear size two diapers.

If you are a 30-week preemie weighing 23 to 27 pounds, your baby should wear size three diapers.

Preemies Need Extra Love, Care, And Attention

Preemies Need Extra Love,

You can not stick your baby in a pumpkin and assume it will grow into a human.

Premature babies need extra care, attention, and love.

They need to be fed every few hours, so more clothing weight is needed.

And they also need to be carried around a lot because they cannot hold their heads up yet.

In addition to all of that, keep them warm.

So if you are expecting a preemie, bring on heavy clothes.

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Our Final Verdict

Dear reader, this blog's purpose was to guide preemie clothing weight.

Parents of premature babies should be aware of the different types of clothing available and their weight ranges to make an informed decision.

Preemies have a higher body temperature than full-term babies and need clothes that keep them warm while recovering.

Clothes made from cotton and wool are the best choices for preemies because they provide good insulation and are breathable.

If you have any questions about preemie clothing weight or anything else related, please comment below, and we will get back with an answer soon.

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