Pretentious names might be perceived as overly complex, obscure, or archaic words, and they can be associated with high society or posh people. But these names can also be inspired by literary, mythological, or historical figures or associated with foreign cultures and languages.

Being a parent, it is your decision to pick a name for your child that is meaningful and appropriate for the child’s personality. We have shared a list of long and short pretentious names, boy's and girl's pretentious names, and other preppy name ideas.

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Most Pretentious Names For Your Little Posh Baby

Before moving towards further details, look at these pretentious names that suit posh babies perfectly.

  • Aldrich
  • Ambrose
  • Blair
  • Bronwyn
  • Calloway
  • Connery
  • Darcy
  • Fitzgerald
  • Harper
  • Orson
  • Sloane
  • Vance

What Is A Pretentious Name?

The common perception of pretentious names highlights the visions of Ivy League secret societies and boring schools associated with rich families. These names can also be defined as dramatic or over-the-top names associated with celebrities, royalty, fictional characters, or other upper classes of society.

It is important to know that pretentious names can be influenced by cultural or social context. For some people, these names are exotic and unique, mostly considered fashionable, but for others, these names are often perceived as pretentious.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether a name is taken as pretentious or not; it is subjective and totally depends on the individual’s perception or the society in which the name is used. It also depends on the parent's attitude if they pick the name because they love it or simply want to impress or influence others.

Most Pretentious Girl Names

We have compiled some fancy but quite influencing pretentious girl names for a posh baby girl. Some names are ornate and polished, but most are cute nicknames you will love for your girl.

Check out the names given below:

  • Arabella

It is a Latin name that means prayful. The name resembles Annabella.

  • Apolline

This name is Greek and means ‘belonging to Apollo.’ You can make this name fancier as Apollonia.

  • Agatha

This is a Greek name that means virtuous and good.

  • Amethyst

It is a unique and alternative name to Ruby. The name is taken from violet quartz stone to represent intoxication, meaning the stone can protect its bearer from drunkenness.

  • Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a Greek name meaning immortal.

  • Araminta

Araminta is a name common in the UK. The name means prayer and protection.

  • Artemis

Artemis is a Greek name representing the God of the Moon.

  • Astrid

Astrid is a Scandinavian name that means divine beauty.

  • Celina

Celina is a French name that means heavenly.

  • Camille

Camille is also a French name meaning helper.

  • Cordelia

Cordelia is a Latin name meaning Heart of the Sea.

  • Cressida

Cressida is a Greek name meaning Gold. You might have heard this name in your favorite Netflix Bridgerton series.

  • Dorothea

Dorothea is another Greek name meaning gift of God.

  • Edwina

Edwina is another pretentious rich girl’s name meaning rich, prosperous, and wealthy friend.

  • Francine

The name has its roots in Latin, meaning ‘from France.’

  • Heliose

Heliose is a variant of the old German name Eliose meaning famous warrior. Heliose means wide.

  • Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a floral name.

  • Isadora

Isadora is a Greek name meaning gift of Isis.

  • Morgana

Morgana name means bright sea.

  • Ottile

Ottilie is a French name that means prosperous in battle.

  • Rosamund

Rosamund seems like a floral name, but it means horse protection.

  • Zenobia

Zenobia means life of Zeus.

Pretentious Boy Names

Here are a few rich boy names. Some are formal names, but most are our unique picks.

Pretentious Boy Names
  • Ambrose

Ambrose means immortal, and the name has a Latin origin.

  • Bastian

Bastian is the most pretentious name alternative to Sebastian. This name means ‘from Sebastia.’

  • Beaumont

Beaumont has a French origin, and this beautiful name is often used as a surname. The meaning of Beaumont is a little stuffy.

  • Bertram

Bertram is an old German name that means bright raven.

  • Benedict

Benedicts mean blessed ones, and the name has a Latin origin.

  • Calloway

Calloway is another Latin name meaning pebble place.

  • Cassius

Cassius is a Latin name meaning hollow.

  • Fergus

This is a Gaelic name that means masculine. The name is an alternative to Feargus.

  • Florian

Florian is a Latin name meaning flowering.

  • Faulkner

Faulkner is commonly used as a preppy surname, meaning Falcon trainer.

  • Irving

It is a Scottish name meaning green river.

  • Ignatius

Ignatius has a Latin origin, and the meaning of this name is fiery. Iggy can be its nickname.

  • Prescott

It is an English patrician-sounding name that means priest’s cottage.

  • Rhodes

Rhodes is a popular name from Rhodes scholarship, meaning where roses grow.

  • Thaddeus

This one is an Aramaic name meaning brave. It is an alternative name to Theodore.

  • Ulysses

Ulysses is an intimidating name meaning wrathful.

Preppy Unisex Names

If you want a pretentious unisex name, this list will prove a savior for you. Most names are linked with high-class surnames that are inherently gender-neutral. These unisex names can be used as first names or last names.

  • Augustine

Augustine name is taken from August, which means to increase.

  • Ainsley

Ainsley is an English name meaning meadow.

  • Birdie

Birdie is a preppy nickname that means bird.

  • Blythe

Blythe is another English name but has an old origin. It means kind and cheerful.

  • Bellamy

Bellamy is a fancy French preppy name meaning handsome.

  • Campbell

It is a stylish name originated from Scotland and Ireland, meaning crooked mouth.

  • Capri

Capri is a cute, short, unisex Italian Island name suitable for posh babies.

  • Jones

Jones is often used as a surname that means son of John.

  • Leander

This one is a Greek name meaning Lion Man.

  • Merritt

Merrit is a surname meaning boundary gate. It is quite a popular preppy name.

  • Valentine

Valentine is a Latin name that means healthy and strong.

Long Pretentious Names

These names are often recognized as ostentatious or excessively grandiose, which is hard and lengthy to elaborate. But even the names are tough; they represent elegance and prestige.

Long Pretentious Names

Check out these amazing, long, pretentious names:

  • Archibald

This name has different origins from German to Spanish and Scottish. Archibald means brave, and its perfect nickname is Archie.

  • Bartholomew

This one is an Aramaic name meaning son of furrows.

  • Balthazar

Balthazar is a Hebrew name that means protect the king.

  • Maximillian

It is one of the unique posh names that originated from Latin. Maximillian means greatest.

  • Montgomery

It is another posh boy name meaning manpower. The name has French origin.

  • Peregrine

Peregrine is an English name that means traveler. This name is usually used for the name of Falcon.

  • Priscilla

This name has Latin origin and means ancient.

  • Seraphine

This Hebrew name means fiery.

  • Temperance

Temperance means moderation, but it is still considered a pretentious name.

  • Theodosia

Theodosia is a Greek name meaning God’s gift.

Short Pretentious Names

Some short but cute pretentious names are also out there for your posh little baby. Here is the list of short preppy, or pretentious names:

  • Argus

It is a Greek name meaning vigilant guardian.

  • Bunny

Bunny is a common name among rich people.

  • Basil

Basil name is used for rich boys. The name means brave, and it has Greek and Arabic origins.

  • Edwin

This is another pretentious name that means rich friend.

  • Kip

Kip is a posh boy's name meaning pointed hill.

  • Kitty

Kitty is a posh nickname people of the upper class often use.

  • Nigel

This name sounds intellectual and originated from Irish people. Nigel means champion.

  • Poppy

Poppy is a flower name and is used for posh baby girls.

  • Trip

Trip is a common pretentious name among the third generation.

  • Tilly

Tilly is a French preppy name meaning mighty in the war. This name also has a German origin, which means strength in battle.

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What Are Stereotypical Preppy Names?

Stereotypical preppy names are often associated with privileged or wealthy social circles and have a few common characteristics, such as classic, traditional, and sophisticated. Preppy names can also be linked with affluent social circles or have White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) connotations.

Here are a few preppy name ideas you will like for your posh baby:

  • Alfie

It is a popular preppy name in the UK that hasn’t been introduced in the US. The name is derived from the old English Alfred, which means wise or elf.

  • Briggs

Briggs is a preppy but unusual name for baby boys. In old English, the name was translated as bridges. The name has British origin but is still popular in the US and Canada.

  • Blaine

It is a Gaelic name meaning yellow. Blaine is also a gender-neutral name. It represents a baby’s colorful personality, intelligence, and warmth.

  • Corbin

Corbin is an American name that means raven. The name is common in the UK, referring to someone with dark hair. If your posh baby has dark tresses, the name is perfect for him.

  • Collins

The name is suitable for both genders and is Gaelic. Collins means holly, and it represents people of victory. It is an Irish name and is often used as a surname.

  • Florence

Florence is a Latin name that means flourishing, blossoming, and prosperous. It is a great preppy name to inspire good luck for a baby’s entire life.

  • Finley

This Irish name is for girls and boys, meaning fair hero. The name represents someone fair-haired and courageous.

  • Gideon

Gideon is taken from Hebrew, which means great warrior. This is a perfect name for your rich baby boy.

  • Ingram

Ingram is often described as a surname and has Swedish origin. The meaning of this name is referred to Ing, the name of the Old Norse God of fertility and peace. The name is unique and represents intelligence and a strong personality.

  • Leighton

Leighton is popular as a girl's name but can also be used for baby boys. The name means leek, but it represents great appeal and sustenance.

  • Niles

Niles means champion and the name is rhythms with Miles. It is a common preppy name for boys and has gained popularity in the US.

  • Pierce

This name is English which means rock. Pierce is a useful name for both boys and girls. It is also referred to as the ‘Son of Piers’ name. The name is appealing due to its striking pronunciation.

  • Philippa

This is Greek originated name for girls meaning horse lover or horse friend. You can get the Pippa nickname from Philippa which is preppy. The masculine name Philip can be its alternative.

  • Sterling

Sterling is an American name taken from Stirling or Sterrling, meaning little star. This is another preppy baby girl's name.

Pretentious Last Names

Here is a list of some unique but appealing pretentious last names you can add next to your posh baby’s first name.

  • Bradford
  • Brooks
  • Digby
  • Davis
  • Emerson
  • Graham
  • Hudson
  • Kingsley
  • Keaton
  • Lennox
  • Palmer
  • Preston
  • Reed
  • Tucker
  • Thatcher
  • Yates

Wrapping Up

We hope this long list of pretentious names will help you find amazing names for your posh baby. However, it is important to note that these names are pretentious for some people, while these can be common names for others.

It is one's personal preference, as choosing these names is a highly subjective process that depends on personal taste and choice. When selecting a name, you can consider the sound and meaning, keep in mind the cultural and social context, follow up family traditions, and make it implicating for the long term.

Lastly, you must be assured that your child will love the name and it will depict personal style and values.

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