A high chair is one baby's piece of equipment that parents are enthusiastic about using for their child as soon as he starts to show interest in food. But moving a baby to a high chair is not that easy and should not be done hastily as it can harm the baby's growth and damage his physical development.

For the first few months of your baby’s life, feeding him when he’s lying down or sitting in your lap is best. You can keep an eye on him and ensure he doesn’t choke or fall over.
It also helps your baby to be able to hold his head up naturally before you move him into a high chair. If not, he may tilt his head back while eating and risk choking.

What Should Consider Before Choosing A High Chair?

Safety: The first thing you should look for is safety. Ensure the chair has a five-point harness to keep your child from falling or tipping out of the chair. Also, look for a wide base so it won't tip over.

Comfort: Look for a high chair with padding and adjustable straps so your baby will be comfortable while eating. Many high chairs will also recline to make feeding easier for you and your baby.

Ease of cleaning: A high chair must be easy to clean, especially if you have a toddler who loves to eat everything he sees!
Size. Look for a high chair that will fit at the table or counter where you plan to use it. If you have limited space, consider getting an infant or booster seat. If you're planning on traveling with your baby, look for a foldable option.

Weight limit: If you have a baby ready for solids and growing like a weed, you may want to consider choosing a high chair that can accommodate your growing child. You'll want to choose one with a weight capacity of 30 pounds or more. Some high chairs even go up to 40 pounds so that they can be used longer.

Adjustability and height range: A good high chair should allow you to adjust the seat height so that as your child grows, their feet can rest flat on the floor when they sit in the chair. Most high chairs have three different height adjustments — one for each leg — so that you can use them until your child is at least 3 years old, which is when most pediatricians recommend transitioning kids off of a booster seat anyway.

Is using a high chair beneficial?

Is using a high chair beneficial

A high chair is a savior for the baby and the parents. Many high chairs come with wheels or are light enough to move around the house. Securing a child in a high chair when he can sit upright by himself without any support can relieve a parent of baby duty for some time.

Parents can attend and interact in a social gathering, enjoy their meal, or catch up on their work or chores without worrying about carrying or attending to the baby.

A baby can be secured in the high chair and placed at a location where the parents can keep an eye on him, and he can view the parents to know that they are around. The baby can then be given any sensory game, snacks, or any of his favorite toys on the high chair's table.

This can provide the baby with fantastic exploring opportunities and develop multiple skills. Children, particularly babies, can learn new things quickly, and when they are left to do things on their own while keeping safety precautions in mind, they can develop their skills much more.

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What should be considered while buying a high chair?

A: A high chair is an investment for your child as it will go a long way. It should be bought considering its functions and add-on features like a removable tray, adjustable footrest, ease of use, space it occupies, safety, comfort, mobility, adjustability, and ease of maintenance.

Can a three-month-old sit in high chair?

A: A three-month-old is too young to sit upright and hold his head for a long time. Making a three-month-old baby use a high chair can be damaging for his physical development and growth.

Should a high chair have a seat belt?

A: The safety precautions while using a high chair include fastening the baby with a belt to secure him in the seat. Older babies of a year or more can jump out of the high chair if not secured. This can be very dangerous for the baby, as a high chair is at a considerable height from the ground.

Does high chair come with a tray?

A tray is essential for keeping spills under control and making cleanup easier after mealtime. A tray that can be removed completely makes cleaning even easier!

How big is a high chair?

You'll want your high chair to fit into your dining room or kitchen easily — especially if you have limited space and more than one child using it. Some chairs fold up, and others have wheels that move them around easily, but be sure whatever chair you choose has enough room for your little one to sit comfortably while they eat!

Final Thoughts:

A high chair is an essential baby gear that should be bought with great thought and consideration as the high chair will go a long way. It can even be reused for future babies if taken proper care of and maintained properly.

A child should not be hurried to use a high chair, but parents should wait until the baby is able to sit upright without any support and make arm movements without slouching on one side. The general age for a bay to use high should be around six months.

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