Or any other soft and cuddly object that can provide warmth and comfort to your child. But loveys can be anything from stuffed toys to any entity to which the child gets attached.

A lovey plays an essential part in the child’s life and can help them provide emotional security and comfort in times of stress and change. They also help in soothing a child to sleep and assure them to overcome separation anxiety.

What is a lovey?

A lovey, also known as a “transitional object” or “comfort object,” is an object that your child gets attached to and treats as a family member. It is something to which your child will get emotionally attached. The child will naturally gravitate to something that connects with him, and this object will hold great importance for your child.

It is a great tool to take advantage of to overcome separation anxiety. It can help him comfort at times of melancholy or when he is transitioning to something new. It will assure him comfort and emotionally support him for anything overwhelming.

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The lovey can be any object that makes your child comfortable. Mostly it is a snuggly blanket, a cuddly stuffed toy (usually a teddy bear), a doll, or any object that attracts the child towards it and provides him with a sense of security.

When can a lovey be introduced to a baby?

A lovey is a great sleeping tool that helps a child sleep alone. Parents are eager to introduce a lovey to their child, but many misconceptions are associated with it, which restricts the parents from doing so. Most parents remain confused about when can baby sleep with lovey, and because of this confusion, they miss so many benefits of using a lovey.

It is absolutely safe for a child to use a lovey from a very young age. For newborn children up to a year, the best lovey a child can have for sleeping is a pacifier or white noise. Nothing can help the babies sleep well through the night then these two things.

You can introduce objects like a security blanket, stuff toy, a blanket, or anything else from six months of age. You can let the baby have the lovey for all time except when he is sleeping because, at such an early age, there are some risks involved with leaving the baby with a lovey.

The lovey can be left with the baby at night time as well after he has crossed the age of one year. The lovey will help the child immensely to sleep alone and provide him comfort even if he wakes up at night.

What are the benefits of using a lovey?

What are the benefits of using a lovey

Using a lovey is tremendously helpful if your baby is sensitive to change and emotions. Babies are new to this world, and even a small change in their routine and surroundings can overwhelm them and make them feel scared. Parents cannot be around the child at all times. It is at this time that a lovey comes in handy. Some advantages of having a lovey for your child are:

  • It can serve as a comfort object for your child and comfort him and soothe him at times when the child is feeling anxious or scared.
  • It can help overcome separation anxiety and assure the baby of safety, security, and comfort.
  • For children who are attached to their parents, a lovey can provide a great source of comfort and keep the child calm even if the parents are not around.
  • If the parents wish to leave the child alone for some time for some important job or some free time together, a lovey can help the child to feel safe and comfortable without his parents.
  • It can play an excellent role in changing times, support the baby, and provide emotional support for any significant change or transition like a new home, new room, new bed, or any change in the surroundings or people.


Q: Why should a lovey be introduced?

A: A lovey will help the child with facing challenging situations with more confidence and a sense of security. It helps the child in transitioning to new phases without affecting his confidence or state of mind. A lovey is a great sleeping tool and aids the child in sleeping alone through the night.

Q: How should the lovey be introduced to the child?

A: A lovey should be introduced to the child from a very young age. The lovey should have the scent of the parents to make it familiar for the child. It should be kept with a child at all times while eating food, going to the park, going to a new place, visiting new people, or at home; it should be with the child to make him familiar with it and fond of it. In this way, a child will gradually develop his attachment to the lovey.

Q: Can using lovey be risky?

A: If the lovey is used unattended during the sleeping of a baby under 12 months of age, it can increase the risks of suffocation, choking, or SIDS.

Final Thoughts:

A lovey is an excellent comfort object that you can make your child attached to. It is not an addiction and should be introduced as a source of comfort and security for the child. Having a lovey makes the child feel secure and calm at all times, even if things around them are new or not what they expect.

However, the risks involved with using a lovey must be taken into consideration, and careful measures should be taken accordingly. It is essential to have a duplicate lovey in case one gets lost because the loss of a lovey can cause emotional trauma in a child.

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