Your cutie butterfly can put the ponytail in her hair on weeks 14 to 15 of your maternity. It is better to wait until the child is 6 months old. This will help them to learn how to hold their head up properly.
Here in this article, we are providing you details on when can you put ponytails in your baby's hair with precautions.

  • For babies that have no control over their head or neck muscles yet, We will also recommend you should never put a ponytail in your baby’s hair.
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They have small heads and cannot balance themselves with the weight of their head. Their ears are too close to their head, making it difficult to balance themselves with the weight of their head attached to the ponytail. So that infections or other health problems may eventually be faced by mothers.

Is it safe for the baby to use hair ties and other hair accessories?

It is best if babies are left without any accessories. Babies are very delicate, and particularly their head is soft and still not developed to protect the brain.

Extra care should be taken of the head in the initial days, and there is no hard skull to serve as a barrier between external pressure and the soft brain and nerves inside.

Is it safe for the baby to use hair ties and other hair accessories

In case a hair band is tight, it can cause a hindrance in the skull's development and can also harm the brain. If a hard clip is used, it can also damage the soft skin. So care must be taken while using any accessory.

Babies above 14 weeks, use hair accessories but while using those there must be cautions to follow:

  • Choose only the soft accessory for your baby skull.
  • Use only cotton or nylon fabrics for your baby ponytail.
Use only cotton or nylon fabrics for your baby ponytail
  • Never use clips that have sharp edges, which could cut through your child's delicate skin.
  • Make sure that it is not dangerous for your baby because babies are usually in the habit of pulling anything around.
  • You will only have to be careful when your baby is in the bath or pool.
  • If you are worried about your child pulling their hair out of their head, then ponytails are not a good idea. It can cause a lot of damage to their scalp if they pull too hard on their hair and could lead to bald patches over time if they continue this habit.

When can hair accessories be used?

It is best to wait for the skull to develop and the hair to grow stronger before starting the use of hair accessories. Before the baby girl turns one, it is not recommended to use any hard or sharp-edged clip, tight hair ties, bands, or tie ponytails.

tight hair ties


Q: How to grow a baby's hair stronger?

A: The strength and length of the baby's hair mainly depend on its hormones. But the hair growth can be improved by massaging the baby's hair with coconut and olive oil. Brushing and shampooing the hair regularly also helps to increase blood circulation and improve hair growth.

Q: Can I tie a ponytail on my four months old baby girl?

A: A four-month-old baby is too young to use hair accessories. When a baby is four months old, the skull might have developed in many cases, but the skin and hair are also still very soft and delicate. The use of hair ties can damage the baby's hair and result in breakage. Tying a ponytail can be even more harmful to the baby as it can cause the baby's hair to pull and break.

Q: When does the baby's hair grow?

A: Every baby is different, and so is his hair growth journey. A baby born with a full head of hair can slowly shed hair and can have very sparse growth in the future, and a baby with no hair at birth can grow to have full locks of hair. The age at which the hair grows is also not fixed and can vary for every child. Some may start to grow good hair from six months of age, while some can wait till two or three years for good hair growth.


Babies are adorable little creatures, and the cuteness is irresistible if it is a baby girl. No matter how eager you are to adorn your baby girl, you must wait for the baby to grow a little, develop the skull and grow stronger hair until you can start using hair accessories.

Using all types of hair accessories at a very young age can obstruct the skull's development and can even damage the brain's growth.

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