New parents are always worried about their baby's sleep because they don't have any experience. But there is no need to worry; babies should get enough sleep to stay healthy. It doesn't matter how many hours they sleep; they should wake up fresh. That only matters.

It should be the parents' first priority. If you want to know when babies sleep 12 hours without feeding, then you're at the right place. Keep reading!

How Long Does A Baby Sleep Without Feeding?

Newborns can sleep for 2 hours without feeding. They are always hungry and cannot wait much. Some doctors suggest that your newborns' weekly age is their sleeping time. For example, if the baby's age is three weeks, he/she can sleep up to 3 hours without any disturbance.

You should remember your baby's sleep routine and share it with your pediatrician. But you have to understand their sleeping routine first. The sleeping time increases as the baby grows.

What Should Be The Newborn's Routine?

It's recommended that the baby sleeps for 4 hours at a time. Your newborn's healthy sleeping schedule should be as follows:



6 am - 8 am

Wake up the baby, change his/her diaper, feed the baby

8 am - 9:30 am

Should be the morning nap

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Wake up the baby, change the diaper, feed the baby

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Time for another nap

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Wake up the baby, change the diaper, feed the baby

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Time for the second-afternoon nap

2:30 pm - 4 pm

Wake up the baby, change diaper and feed.

4 pm - 6 pm

Time to sleep

6 pm - 8 pm

Time to wake up, get the diaper changed, and feed the baby

8 pm - 9 pm

napping time

9 pm - 10:30 pm

wake up the baby, feed and change diaper

10:30 pm - 12 am

give a gentle oil massage to baby, get him/her in the night suit, feed again and make the baby sleep

12 am - 1 am

check if the diaper is soiled or wet, change it if needed otherwise let the baby sleep

1 am - 3 am

if the baby is hungry, feed him/her and let the baby sleep again

3 am - 6 am

check if the baby needs diaper changing or feeding 

6 am

wake up the baby

How Much Sleep Does A Healthy Baby Need?

Babies need proper sleep. It's important for their development and nourishment. A newborn needs to sleep up to 17 hours a day, and an older baby needs 12 hours of sleep. The babies are delicate, and their routines can be molded with effort and training.

Newborns can't stay hungry for long. That's why they keep waking up after some time, but as they grow, their habits and hunger levels change.

How Much Sleep Does A Healthy Baby Need

How To Make A Baby Sleep Longer Without Feeding?

If you want your baby to have a long peaceful sleep without feeding, then you should follow some tips.

You should ephasis upon training of your baby to settle himself.

Proper Feeding Before Sleeping

It is advised to feed your newborn baby ten times a day. Eventually, the babies start showing signs that they need to be fed, e.g., opening their mouths, showing their tongues, crying, etc. When the baby's tummy is full, he/she can sleep for a longer period without waking up again and again due to hunger.

Feeding Aversion - Why Babies Refuse To Eat? - Revive Baby
Has your child developed a dislike for food? Does he try to avoid milk or food during his feeding times? Does he also become fussy when you try to push the bottle or food into his mouth?

Maintaining Their Routine

Babies learn quickly and get irritated easily if their routine is disturbed. So make a good sleeping routine for your babies and maintain it. The routine gets changed by the baby when growing gradually.

Training The Baby

Train your baby to know the difference between day and night sleep. Set the sleeping routine so that the baby knows when he/she has to sleep longer and when is the time for a small nap. You can make the baby understand the difference through feeding.


Babies should sleep on their backs. It is not recommended to make them sleep on their stomach. This way, babies will sleep for longer.


You don't want your baby to wake up due to uncomfortable clothes. The baby gets irritated

and starts crying in the middle of the night. Make the baby sleep in a soft, temperature-friendly, and comfortable night suit.


It helps a lot if your baby has a habit of sucking. If the pacifier falls out of the mouth of the baby while sleeping, slightly move it inside the baby's mouth.


Babies like to sleep on firm and flat surfaces. Make sure that they are sleeping on something suitable for them.

Bath Before Sleeping

Babies love the warm water bath. They get tired due to bathing and sleep well for a longer time.


Babies love massaging. Hot oil massage does wonders for babies. They get very relaxed from massage and sleep for a long time without waking up continuously.

Tiredness Vs. Overtiredness

A tired baby is easy to handle. The mom only needs to feed the baby once, and the baby falls asleep. But an overtired baby can give the mom a very tough time. He/she will get irritated, and the baby won't eat, drink or sleep due to overtiredness. So don't ever make your baby overtired.

Five S's

  • Swaddle
  • Shush
  • Swing
  • Stomach/Side position
  • Sucking

Reasons For Baby's Continuous Waking Up

Babies who don't get a long sleep might be facing some issues; some common reasons are:

  • Changing sleeping cycles
  • Hunger
  • Baby wants to be with you
  • Uncomfortable due to teething
  • Sleep regression
  • Over-excitement
  • Anxiety due to separation

How To Wake Up The Baby For Feeding?

If the baby is sleeping so much that you start getting worried and want to feed him/her, there are some ways to make the baby wake up without irritating him/her.


Babies are very sensitive. When you undress them down to their diapers, they will feel some air that makes them wake up to feed. Put a blanket on the baby once he/she starts feeding.


Rub the washcloth gently on the face of the baby. It'll make the baby wake up and feed.

Rubbing Nipple

This trick works for many moms. When you rub your nipple against the lips of your babies, they sense that it's time for feeding.


It's important for you to wake the baby up if he/she is sleeping for more than 3 hours without feeding. There are other reasons to wake up the baby, e.g., a soiled diaper.

You cannot leave your baby to sleep with a poopy diaper; it'll cause rashes. Set a bedtime routine for your babies if you want them to have a long, sound sleep. Massaging also helps a lot.

We hope this information was helpful for you and your baby. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

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