You have to keep noticing that. But you have to know the reasons behind it in the first place.

Moms are very concerned about how many times a baby should poop a day. Don't worry; if you are one of those moms who wonders why my newborn is pooping so much, this article is for you. It will guide you about your newborn bowel movements. So let's get started.

Things To Consider While Checking Baby Poop

Babies tummies are very sensitive. Their bowel system can get affected easily, so you have to be very careful. While checking your little one's poop, you have to keep this in mind.

  • If you're still breastfeeding the baby
  • Is the baby on formula
  • Is the baby drinking formula as well as breast milk
  • Has the baby started eating solids
  • Is the baby sick
  • Is the baby bloated
  • Does the baby cry while pooping
Things To Consider While Checking Baby Poop

Why Is My Baby Pooping So Much?


A newborn baby can poop right after feeding because of breastfeeding. This makes the poop softer. Such babies digest the milk quickly and poop instantly.

Recently Started Solids

If your baby still breastfeeds and starts eating solids, it can cause your baby to poop more. Not every baby is the same; their bowel movements are different. How much and how often the poop comes out of your baby depends upon what they eat or drink.


Babies who eat more fruits like apple poop more frequently.


If the baby eats food that contains too much fiber, they will poop a lot in a day. It can make the baby sick also because their tummies cannot handle too much fiber. These food items can help the baby if they have constipation.


A baby can start pooping more often if he is teething. This is one of the main reasons babies poop a lot.


Your baby might suffer from diarrhea if the pooping isn't stopping; immediately take the baby to the doctor.

When To Consult A Doctor?

  • White, black poop
  • Baby cries a lot while pooping
  • Mucus in poop
  • Change in stool form
  • Liquid consistency
  • Diarrhea

Are Babies Supposed To Poop Every Day?

In the first 50 hours after birth, the baby passes meconium. After that, the baby will start pooping regularly. A five-week baby passes stool approximately 4-5 times. When the baby starts growing, the pooping decreases and comes to one stool per day. It's good for the baby to poop every day, but if he/she is pooping once in three days, that's fine if the baby is fine and healthy.

How To Control Too Much Pooping?

Formula Milk

If the baby isn't breastfeeding, then there are fewer chances for the baby to poop right after drinking milk. Formula milk increases the risk of constipation in babies because it is hard to digest.


It's good that your baby starts eating solids with formula milk. It will make your baby poop less than before.


Fruits like bananas and guavas make the baby poop less


Let the baby eat food rich in carbohydrates, e.g., rice, etc. It will make the baby poop less.

Dairy Products

If your baby is pooping a lot, then he might have a lactose intolerance problem. But if your baby is between the age of 1 month - 10 months, it's very unlikely. It's also possible that their milk isn't suitable for the baby. Try changing the milk.

How Does Food Affect The Baby?

Whatever the babies eat or drink, ensure it is suitable for them. Bad food can affect the baby badly. If the baby isn't eating well, then.

  • Their bowel movement will be affected badly, and they might not poop daily.
  • They can start peeing less than usual, which is unhealthy
  • They might suffer from dehydration
  • They can start losing weight.

Is It Important To Change The Diaper Instantly?

Babies skin is very sensitive, and they can get rashes easily. So it's better to change their nappies as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there will be consequences. A newborn baby needs a diaper changing approximately ten times a day.

Is It Important To Change The Diaper Instantly

How To Change The Diaper?

It isn't easy to change the baby's diaper, especially when the baby has pooped. You need to follow a few steps while changing the soiled diaper.

  • Wash your hands; that's very important.
  • Open the soiled diaper and try to remove most of the poo with the diaper
  • You can use baby wipes or cotton wools to clean the baby from the bottom by dipping the wipe/cotton in the warm water
  • Make sure to clean the baby's bottom properly but softly; otherwise, there will be rashes
  • Girls need cleaning from front to back, and boys need cleaning around their testicles
  • Let the baby rest a bit, and let the skin dry
  • Apply rash cream if needed
  • Place the new diaper, don't make it too tight or loose for the baby. Try distracting your baby so that they don't get irritated.
  • The diaper is changed, and your baby is ready!

Final Thoughts

Babies usually cry a little while pooping, but this doesn't mean the baby is constipated.

But if the baby cries a lot, then you should have a look. Keep checking the baby's bowel movements to ensure that the baby is healthy. Too much pooping isn't a good sign; your baby may be sick and suffer from diarrhea or dehydration.

Consult a pediatrician and discuss your baby's pooping routine with the doctor, or you can get help and suggestions from other parents. We hope that the information was helpful to you.

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