Newborns are not only cute but also extremely adorable. They sleep for long hours, eat when they want to and cry when they feel like it. The best part about babies is that they do not have any particular bowel movement schedule.
However, this does not mean that they do not poop at all. They poop as much as adults do but in a different way. Newborns poop several times during the day and at night too.

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Newborns and their poop timings

To avoid messy and stinky situations, it is best to understand bowel movements and know when your baby is going to poop.

Newborns have to be changed about 8-10 times in 24 hours. This is because they produce large quantities of milk, which can cause them to have more liquid than solid waste. As babies get older, their stool will change consistency and frequency.

The average number of bowel movements per day ranges from 2-6 times per day in newborns (1-3 months old) to 1-3 times per week in adults.

Factors Affect Baby Poop Timings

Many factors can affect how much and how often your baby will poop, including:


Babies poop more often when they're young and breastfed than when they're older or formula-fed.

Formula vs. Breast Milk

Formula-fed babies tend to have fewer, larger stools than breastfed babies, with smaller, more frequent stools.

Sleep Routine

Babies who are on a regular sleep schedule tend to poop less at night than those who aren't on a routine.

Frequency of Feeding

The more you feed your baby, the more often she'll poop because breast milk digests quickly and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why babies poop after every feeding!

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What happens to bowel movements when a baby sleeps?

In adults, when a person sleeps, the bowel movements also rest, and your body will not make you poop while sleeping. As soon as you get up, the bowel movements start to function, and soon you can feel the need to poop.

Babies are a bit different as their body is still getting used to the change. During the initial days, the bowel movements are very active, and you can often find a dirty diaper. But gradually, the number of poops decreases, and you will find yourself cleaning a few diapers per day.

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Exclusively breastfed babies are less likely to poop many times a day. They can even go without pooping for several days. But formula-fed babies are likely to poop more. After the initial days, babies will not likely poop during sleeping, but they can poop at night.

This is because babies cannot sleep throughout the night; their sleep cycle breaks after a few hours. When they wake up, the bowel movements naturally start, and they can poop at night.


Q: What foods can be given to babies at night when they start solids?

A: Healthy foods rich in fiber and fruits are very good for babies. But making the baby eat such foods at night can be problematic for you as you may find yourself changing diapers throughout the night. Fibrous food increases bowel movements and must be avoided at night. Eating starchy foods at night is a better option.

Q: How often can babies poop?

A: During the initial days, the baby's bowel movements are irregular and much more frequent. You may need to clean as many 6-8 diapers in a day. The number of dirty diapers may decrease for a breastfed baby and when the baby grows older.

Q: Do bowel movements continue to stay active when the baby is asleep?

A: Newborn babies feed throughout the night, so their bowel movements are active even when sleeping. However, as the baby grows and the body gets used to the new environment, the bowel movement starts to rest when the baby is sleeping and will only get active once the baby wakes up. This continues to happen when the baby grows into an adult.

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Bowel movements are irregular for newborn babies and gradually come into a routine. Newborn babies can poop while sleeping as they are feeding most of the time. But as they grow and start sleeping for longer stretches without feeding, the bowel movements rest, and they will not poop while sleeping. They can still poop at night when their sleep cycle breaks.

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