Durable enough to be used whenever you need to express milk. While you're in meetings or working on other projects, your pumping sessions at work may go unnoticed by your coworkers.

Breastfeeding, pumping, and milk storage can be difficult, whether you're just starting to consider your "back-to-work milk stockpile", or you're in the thick of it and wondering, "Who has time for this?"

With that in mind, we've compared the two most popular pumps on the market today, the MomCozy and the Elvie, to help you decide. So, without further ado, let's get down to business.

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Why Hands-Free Pumping?

Why Hands-Free Pumping?

Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, you will spend a significant amount of time (6 to 8 hours per day) feeding your baby during the first few months of their life. Pumping to increase milk production or save milk when you need to be away from the baby can add even more time to your day.

This may appear to be a massive undertaking, and it is, but it will pay enormous dividends for both you and your child. A hands-free breast pump is one way to accomplish your breastfeeding goals while saving time.

A traditional electric breast pump session requires you to hold the pump against your breast while it is plugged into an electrical outlet (which may take 10 to 30 minutes each). With a hands-free breast pump, you can multitask more easily and save time.

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Elvie Vs Momcozy Pumps Compared – Differences And Similarities

You can wear Elvie and Momcozy hands-free electric breast pumps in a regular nursing bra. Elvie, like Momcozy, provides you with three different accessories. Elvie has several advantages over the Momcozy breast pumps. The Elvie breast pump is more expensive than the Momcozy option.

Elvie Pump Description


The lack of cables and tubing distinguishes this wearable electronic breast pump. It's one of the most convenient hands-free breast pumps because you can control it from afar with its companion app. Two notable features are a let-down mode and an auto-shutoff after 30 minutes.

The pump mechanism is warranted for two years, but the washable components are only rated for ninety days. It only has five pieces, so putting it together is a breeze. The set also includes two handy tote bags and four bra strap adjusters.

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Is It Worth Buying?

Elvie Pump Description

This portable breast pump is ideal for nursing mothers who are constantly on the go but still want to provide their babies with the nutrition they require. You can express milk without fear, no matter where you are. Having a few extra bottles allows you to keep expressed milk in the fridge until you're ready to feed your baby again.

The solution is ideal for mothers who work or travel and must spend the night away from their children. You can keep the bottles chilled or frozen until you return.

You can also swap out breast milk bottles or storage containers. Breast pumps are ideal because they can be easily adjusted to the wearer's size with bra adjusters while still fitting inside a standard nursing bra. If you're concerned about your baby twiddling too, you read our guide on the reason why babies twiddle and possible measures to avoid it.


  • You can change suction modes to match milk production.
  • Pumps for an extended period on a single charge.
  • The noise level is extremely low.


  • When compared to the Momcozy wearable breast pump, it is more expensive.
  • The app may contain bugs.
  • The Collector container is too small.

Momcozy Description

Momcozy Description

It is a Breast Pump with 2 Modes & 5 Levels. It is a Double Wearable Breast Pump that is an excellent value in the category of wearable electric breast pumps.


This wire-and-tubing-free breast pump can be worn inside a nursing or regular bra (and You can adjust the fit for comfort with a bra adjuster) and does not require additional equipment.

It has five suction settings and two modes: stimulation and expression. You can be confident that your bottles will never overflow due to the milk collectors' spill-proof design and automatic shutdown timer.

Because the 6 oz bottles are slightly larger than the Elvie containers, they are an appealing option for nursing mothers who have produced excessive milk. Backflow is also avoided with a duckbill valve. Because of its small size, this breast pump is ideal for the busy mother on the go.

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Is It Worth Buying?

This is the one if you want an inexpensive wearable electric breast pump with a large bottle capacity and adjustable suction levels. It's simple to use because all you have to do is press a button.

Maintenance is simplified because there are fewer moving parts and no tubing to clean, and You can clean washable parts quickly in a dishwasher.


  • You can pump without being tethered to the wall.
  • Quick and easy to maintain
  • reasonably priced


  • Batteries drain quickly, and the pump may disconnect from the bottles in the middle of the pump.

What To Look For In A Hands-Free Breast Pump?

If you intend to pump frequently, a  twin breast pump is recommended. You can now pump both breasts simultaneously, cutting down on the time it takes to complete the task. A double breast pump costs more than a single pump, but you can save money using the latter.

  • A silent pump may be worth the extra cost if you need to use your pump at the office or in public without paying attention.
  • You can get good milk production and a comfortable amount of suction by choosing a pump with various settings and a lot of suction power (which might vary, especially among battery-powered pumps).
  • Because saving time is a primary goal, the pump you select should require as little assembly as possible before use.
What To Look For In A Hands-Free Breast Pump?


It's difficult to pick a single "best," but we think the Elvie pump is a good option for many people.

The product's major disadvantage is undoubtedly its high price. Apart from that, there is no better pump on the market regarding stealth, practicality, portability, comfort, and ease of use.

Because of its slightly larger capacity, the Elvie may be preferable if you need to collect a large amount of milk. Some parents have reported that it is easier to use than their previous pumps, making the transition easier.

You're already a superhero for nursing your child; adding pumping to the mix only adds to your heroism.

A hands-free breast pump may simplify your life and allow you to devote more attention to the things that matter most, such as your adorable baby.

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