Folding the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller is easy because it only needs one hand. Start with setting up brakes and straighten the hand bar to its limits. Relax the seat to its second level in a vertical front-facing direction. Then, tug on the discharge lever and rotate the handlebar to fold the stroller.

The seat can be turned around to face you or the world, which is great as your child gets bigger. The handlebar can be adjusted to make it comfy for parents of all heights. It has a big cover to keep the sun away, a big basket to put stuff in, and it's nice and smooth to push, even on bumpy ground.

Follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to fold a stroller to carry outside or keep it in storage.

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Is The UPPAbaby Cruz Easy To Fold?

Parents sometimes struggle to fold strollers because they have plenty of buttons and levers, making folding complicated. Fortunately, the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller is the savior for parents due to its easy folding system.

All its folding takes a swift flick of the wrist, and everything is done. You will not need to watch any lengthy tutorial or some engineering techniques to fold it, as it will transform into a compact package with one click.

The folded stroller will easily fit inside your car's trunk. It is even convenient to fold when multitasking, such as while holding your baby or doing any other task. Wondering Do I Need A Double Stroller? Read our guide to explore the factors you should consider when deciding whether a double stroller is right for your family.

How To Fold UPPAbaby Cruz? - Step-By-Step

How To Fold UPPAbaby Cruz? Step-By-Step

Considering the folding mechanism when buying a stroller is important, as you can find one-handed folds or two-handed folds options. The variation is available in different UPPAbaby Cruz stroller models, and here is how you can fold most of them without trouble.

Step 1: Prepare for the Fold

Ensure you have parked the stroller on flat ground to start the folding process. Also, remove any obstacle or object lying on the ground to avoid trouble during the process.

Step 2: Press Down On The Stroller’s Brake Lever

  • Using your foot, press down the brake lever on the stroller located inside the right rear wheel.
  • The indicator will turn from green to red once you hit the brake.
  • Keep the wheels of the stroller in the forward direction to avoid anything getting inside the stroller when you fold it.
  • The brake will also prevent the stroller from rolling away after applying pressure on it.

Step 3: Pull The Canopy

Make sure to retract the canopy to prevent it from getting in the way and complicate the entire process. While moving outside in the sun, you can pull the sun canopy back to its original position and fix it with the help of its zipper.

Step 4: Empty The Storage Basket

  • There can be multiple small items inside the storage basket; when folding it, make sure you have emptied it.
  • Remove all the items from the seat and basket to smooth the folding process.

Step 5: Lower The Handlebar

  • The telescoping handlebar at the stroller should also be lowered to its shortest height before you fold it.
  • Though it is possible to hold it with an extended handlebar, lowering it will make it better and easier to keep in a compact state.

Step 6: Start Folding The Stroller

  • Keep your fingers firmly on the two triggers, releasing to the right and left sides of the handlebar.
  • Start pulling the trigger in an upward direction to release the lock.
  • Rotate the handlebar in a downward direction towards the ground. This will collapse the stroller.
  • Push the handlebar towards the ground so that the stroller rests over the handlebar and wheels at the back. This will help keep it in a standing position.
  • Also, ensure that the stroller is tightly collapsed and doesn't unfold.
  • Keep the latch on the left side of the frame engaged to secure its folding.

Step 7: Fold The Footrest Too

To keep the folding more intact, also fold the seat footrest.

  • Do it by pushing two buttons located at the base of the footrest to make it meet the stroller's frame.
  • When buttons are pressed, remove the footrest and push the wheels downwards.
  • Once the stroller is folded, put it inside your car or keep it in a safe storage area.

How To Carry UPPAbaby Cruz When Folded?

How To Carry UPPAbaby Cruz When Folded

Putting it inside the travel bag makes it effortless to carry the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller at the back of your car or during air travel.

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Carrying UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller in Car

Simply remove the toddler seat from the stroller to fold it more compactly.

As mentioned, follow the steps to fold all other parts and put the stroller inside the car's trunk.

Carrcar'sUPPAbaby Cruz Stroller on Plane

Get a UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Travel Bag for packing things up. This bag is very convenient and has several storage parts to keep things together in one place. The bumper bar and wheels can also be stored in a separate compartment.

  • Fold the stroller and put it inside the bag.
  • Remove the bumper bar and wheels to store on the other side of the bag.
  • Lock the zip, and you are now ready to go.

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Maintenance Tips For UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

Maintenance Tips For UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

In order to keep your UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller intact and in perfect condition, it is best to give attention to its cleaning and maintenance. We have shared some tips and tricks to help you take good care of your child's gear and safety.

  • Make it a habit to carefully look at the stroller after every use to check the signs of wear and tear. Sometimes screws get loose, or parts of the stroller get damaged, which may compromise your child's safety. If you find any issue, fix it immediately.
  • Another good thing is to lubricate the wheels and folding system of the stroller to avoid jammed parts. Silicone lubricant is best to run all moving parts smoothly and prevents hardness.
  • Some parts of the stroller are machine washable, including the seat and canopy. But if the instructions do not support machine washing, you can use hand washing and a mild detergent.
  • The frame and other hard parts of the stroller can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap. It is highly recommended to avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the sparkling finish of the frame.
  • You can also clean the wheels by wiping dirt and debris with a piece of cloth.
  • Once all parts are cleaned, store your baby's stroller in a safe and cool location. Do not keep it under direct sunlight as it will fade away the color.
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Wrapping Up

So, how to fold the UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller is simple and easy, without a doubt. These gear are useful and reliable for parents, and their easy folding system makes it convenient to carry them.

The simple single-handed folding, reversible seat, and adjustable handlebar make it ideal for parents who want both style and practicality.

Hopefully, the instructions will help you and your little one enjoy navigating city streets or exploring the outdoors with UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller.

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