The first step is to find the right mattress size for your pack-n-play. You can buy one or use an old crib mattress. If you want something that fits perfectly, look for one with Velcro on all four sides to securely hold the mattress.

Next, find some blankets or comforters that match your room decor. A favorite blanket or pillow doesn't have to be expensive — make sure it's soft and cozy!

Now it's time to get creative! Add one or two pillows on the mattress and a blanket or comforter for extra padding. Then you can add another pillow and blanket (or comforter) near the head of the bed for extra comfort when laying down for naps!

How to Make a Pack N Play More Comfortable

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Is Pack N Play Uncomfortable?

The answer depends on the model you choose. We rounded up some of the best pack-n-plays today — including ones with bassinets, changing tables, wheels, and more — and put them through their paces. Here's what we found:

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Bassinet

This is a great choice if you'd like to keep your baby close by throughout the night or wake up and check on him whenever he makes noise. The bassinet has a storage compartment with enough room for diapers, wipes, and other necessities, so you don't have to keep going back and forth between rooms during diaper changes. The Graco Travel Lite Crib is also lightweight enough to move around easily while traveling.

BabyBjorn Cradle

This portable crib doubles as a bassinet; it comes with an adjustable mattress pad that can be raised or lowered depending on how tall your child is at any given time.

The mattress pad is designed to hold up over time, even when laundered multiple times. The pad also has an adjustable height so you can raise the mattress as your baby grows taller.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Jr. Playard with Reversible Napper & Changer

This Playard comes with everything you need for both newborns and toddlers! The reversible napper and changer allow you to change the baby's diaper without waking them up because lifting them out of the bassinet is unnecessary. The napper has a vibrating tummy time pillow that can be used on either side, and the changer converts into a changing table when your child is older. It also has wheels so you can easily move it around the house. This is one of my favorite things to travel with since it's so easy to set up and take down, making it perfect for camping or traveling!

The Pea Pod by Skip Hop

The Pea Pod is a great lightweight option that can be used from birth until your child outgrows the bassinet feature (around 4 months). It folds flat and includes a carrying case, so it can easily be taken anywhere! Folding flat also makes an excellent play mat for tummy time!

Pack and Play Dimensions - Everything You Need To Know
Trying to decide between a bassinet and a pack ′ n-play but can’t seem to locate any reliable sources of information. Reading this in-depth description of pack and play will save you time and effort.

How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable?

Purchase accessories the manufacturer recommends to make your child's Playard even more comfortable.

They should not be used with babies under 12 months because they may cause SIDS. However, if you have a toddler with sensitivity issues, it may be best to stick to products tested and approved by the manufacturer.

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How to Make a Pack and Play More Comfortable.

Utilize Quilted Sheets

Utilize Quilted Sheets

The best and safest way to increase the comfort level of a pack-n-play is to use thicker quilted sheets.

Graco sells a thicker, quilted pack-n-play sheet designed to fit snugly over the mattress pad of all Graco Pack n Play models. Furthermore, third-party alternatives are available for purchase.

These padded sheets are sewn with a thickness for comfort, but they must be snug for your baby to use them.

Carefully measuring your pack-n-play will ensure that you get sheets that fit perfectly, avoiding the risk of extra fabric bunching up and posing a hazard to your baby.

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Use Waterproof Sheets

Use Waterproof Sheets

Adding waterproof sheets to your child's pack-n-play simplifies cleanup in the event of a nighttime mishap and provides an extra layer of comfort for your baby.

A waterproof layer (a sheet or a bed-wetting pad) is a godsend for any parent dealing with bed-wetting. It's also a great way to improve the comfort of a pack-n-play without sacrificing its safety.

Check that the sheets are the correct size for your pack-n-play and fit snugly.

Swaddles Sleep Sacks

It is possible to make their sleeping space smell like you. Wrap yourself in their sleep sack or the bottom sheet of their pack-n-play (like an uncomfortable scarf!) for a few hours before putting them to bed. Sleeping with the scent of a caregiver on them will aid in relaxation and calmness.

How to Make a Pack N Play More Comfortable? Tips and Tricks
Do you want to know how to make a pack-n-play more comfortable? Perhaps you’re worried your child will get too cold sleeping in a pack and playing on the hard, thin mattress. Continue reading to learn how to make a pack and play comfortably for your baby without endangering them.

How to Prepare a Pack n Play for a Great Night’s Sleep?

The pack-n-play can be set up easily, but it may be less comfortable than your bed. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make the pack-n-play more comfortable for your little one.

Make The Room Darker

Make The Room Darker

One of the most important things you can do is ensure that the room where your baby sleeps is darker than usual. That way, when he wakes up at night, he won’t be able to see any lights or hear any noises (like the TV or music). This will help him fall back asleep more easily since he won’t be as stimulated.

Pack’ n Play Blackout Tent

Pack’ n Play Blackout Tent

Blocking out light is essential for babies as it helps them get into a deep sleep and stay there longer.

The good news is that you can prepare your pack-n-play to be more comfortable by simply buying a blackout tent.

Tents are an affordable option to make your baby feel more secure and relaxed in the crib. They also come in handy when you need to put your baby down for a nap or overnight without taking up too much space in the room.

Adjust The Temperature

When it comes time to put your baby down for bed, ensure the temperature is comfortable for them (but not too warm). Babies tend to get hot easily, so it’s best to keep them cool when they sleep at night.

Remove Any Dangling Toys

Babies are very active when they sleep. When you're trying to put your baby down for a nap or bedtime, it can be tempting to give them a stuffed animal or other toy to entertain them. However, these toys can be distracting for babies who are trying to fall asleep.

While it may seem like a good idea, dangling toys can distract babies trying to fall asleep. Since they tend to move around a lot while sleeping, they might pull those toys onto their heads and wake themselves up.

If your baby has a favorite toy she likes to play with while awake, try keeping it in another room until she sleeps. This way, she won't be tempted by the sound of rattling beads or clinking bells while trying to get some rest.

Remove All Accessories From The Pack And Play

Remove all accessories from the Pack 'n Play. This includes mattress pads, sheets, and other soft items that may interfere with infant head support. The only things that should be inside your Pack 'n Play are its base and the mattress pad that comes with it. Remove these items if they do not come standard with your model (some do). Some models come with fitted sheets that wrap around the sides of the mattress pad and snap into place at each corner of the base; these should also be removed before placing an infant in their bed.

Place Mattress Pad

Place Mattress Pad

Place a mattress pad inside the Pack 'n Play along with a fitted sheet if possible (if not, fill it with extra blankets). This will help keep your baby comfortable and warm. You can also add some padding onto the bottom of the pack 'n-play, making it even more comfortable for the baby!

Play White Noise

White noise helps babies sleep because it blocks out other noises and helps them to focus on one thing. You can put on music or use an app like or Noisli, which give off rain sounds and other noises that can lull babies into sleep without effort!

Fold Down the Top

If your pack-n-play has a top that folds down, fold it always to touch the sleeping surface. This will make the surface flat and less bumpy for your baby's comfort. If your pack-n-play does not have this feature, try putting something under the mattress (like another blanket) so that it is level with the floor and doesn't feel like an incline when lying on it.

Prepare the Mattress

The mattress on most pack-n-plays is pretty thin — it's built for portability, not comfort! You can get a thicker mattress from Amazon or another retailer, but if you want something cheap and easy, consider just putting a blanket underneath the regular one. This will give your baby enough padding to keep her comfortable while she sleeps. If you don't have any blankets handy, try using a fitted sheet folded in half lengthwise instead — it should provide enough padding until you get a better mattress cover or pad later on in life!

Smells Like Home

Your baby can recognize their mother’s scent from birth and may be comforted by taking in familiar scents. To give your baby a sense of home, add blankets or quilts that smell like you or any other members of the family. You can also try putting on lotion before placing your child in their bed or wrapping them in one of their favorite swaddles before putting them down for the night.

Add a Quilt or Blanket

If you have a baby who loves to cuddle and wrap, add a blanket or quilt to their pack-n-play. The warmth will help them feel cozy. If you don’t have one, use a spare receiving blanket or your t-shirt. You can also use a baby swaddle if it’s available.

Turn the Lights Down Low

Dim the lights and turn off any bright overhead lights. This can help your baby get ready for bedtime and relax in their bed. Consider investing in a nightlight if you don’t want to go completely dark but still need some light for safety reasons. The blue light from electronics can disrupt sleep patterns, so try not to have TVs or phones on while your child sleeps.

Use Crib Liners or Pads

If you want to keep the mattress clean, use crib liners or pads on top of the mattress. The pads will also help keep your baby dry if he leaks through his diaper at night. Consider using waterproof sheets over the mattress if it gets wet from spit-up or pee during sleep.

Ensure Adequate Airflow

One of the most important factors that contribute to a good night's sleep is adequate airflow. You need to ensure enough space between your child and any fabric or other material that might prevent air circulation. Additionally, you should allow plenty of space between the mattress and the walls or sides of the crib so that air can flow freely around it.

Consider Swaddling Your Baby

Swaddling is a technique that helps babies feel secure and comfortable. It’s also a great way to help them sleep through the night.

And when you use a Pack ‘n Play as your baby’s bed, it’s easy to get started with swaddling. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the right swaddle blanket for your baby.
  2. Lay the blanket on the mattress pad or sheet.
  3. Place your baby on the blanket facing up, with arms at his sides and legs straight out in front of them.
  4. Fold one side of the blanket toward his feet until it reaches just above his knees (or underarms if he has shorter legs). Ensure there are no gaps between the blanket and his body where air could get in and wake him up!
  5. Fold over another side of the blanket so that it reaches just above his knees again, but this time make sure there are no gaps between his body and the blanket on this side either! The idea here is to create an envelope around him so he feels secure enough.

Types Of Mattresses For Panck N Play

Many options available today can help you get a comfortable pack-and-play mattress. Some of them are:

A foam mattress pad

Foam Mattress Topper with Soothing Lavender Infusion

Foam Mattress Topper with Soothing Lavender Infusion

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This is one of the most common types of mattresses in use today. It works well with any pack-n-play and can be easily washed and dried. The only problem with this kind of mattress is that it makes a lot of noise when you move around, which may irritate you during naptime or bedtime.

A crib mattress

Baby Crib Toddler Bed Mattress

Baby Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

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These mattresses are designed for Pack N Play. They come with all necessary accessories like sheets and pillows to make them comfortable for your baby to sleep on. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for parents who want their babies to sleep comfortably at night!


Those with limited living space or who frequently transport their child may find that a portable crib, also known as a "pack n-play" or "Playard," is an excellent alternative to a traditional crib.

Remember that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has deemed any crib that meets their guidelines safe for newborn use. This eliminates the need to soften the mattress or improve the pack-n-play's comfort.

A pack-n-play mattress must be firm and no more than an inch thick due to its foldable nature to prevent dangerous gaps from forming when the mattress is unfolded.

The best and safest option is to leave the original pack-n-play mattress alone. Blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals are not advised on a pack-n-play.

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