You will start to feel the baby moments in the second trimester, and it will reach its maximum during the 32 to 35th week of pregnancy.

It is also possible that you feel that babies move more frequently during specific times, such as when having a meal, so if you want to know why babies kick in the womb after eating and if it is normal or not, then keep on reading.

Why Do Babies Kick In The Womb After Eating?

Most of the time, mothers report that babies move or frequently kick when they have a meal, and they're curious about the reason it is just because of the extra sugar in your blood. Whenever you consume any meal, your blood sugar level gets a little higher than usual if you have pregnancy diabetes, then it is more common to observe a spike in baby movements.

Most of the time, if you don't feel your baby's movements, you may want to have a meal because whenever you eat a meal, you can feel your baby's movements.

Why Do Babies Kick In The Womb After Eating

Kick Counting And Its Relationship With Meals

One of the most common things you may start immediately when you feel your first baby movement is kick counting. Your gynecologist will tell you to do that, and it is a way to ensure your baby is healthy.

In it, you observe your baby's movement in your uterus. If there is any change at the moment pattern, you must immediately report to your gynecologist because it can indicate that the baby is under stress.

It is common for mothers that if they are not feeling the baby moments, they eat a meal so that the baby becomes active and starts moving in the womb, then they do kick counts.

What Is The Timeline To Start Feeling Baby Kicks?

Most of the time, it is common that you will start feeling a baby movement around 20 weeks, but if it is your first pregnancy, then it might get late. Babies move at different times and in different ways. They move in response to meals, noise, stress, and even if someone touches a pregnant lady's belly. When it is your third trimester, you can predict the pattern of the baby’s movements in your womb.

What Is The Timeline To Start Feeling Baby Kicks

How Quickly Does Baby Get Food In Womb?

There is no fixed time when your baby can get food in the womb, depending on what you are eating. If you are eating a meal rich in carbohydrates which are complex carbohydrates, then it will take time for the food to pass the placenta. On the other hand, if you take a soda or some sweet food, you will feel baby movements much earlier because the food gets digested quickly. But keep one thing in mind: taking a little soda or junk food once in a while is okay, but try to avoid it during pregnancy because it is unhealthy for your body and the baby.

Do Babies Also Kick In The Womb When Hungry?

Yes, it is common for babies to kick in the womb when the mother is hungry. It indicates that your blood sugar level is lower, and your fetus also feels it. This is just like the increased activity of many animals when seeking food.

If your baby is already underweight or smaller than the average fetal size, it is also possible that they move more vigorously because they already have fewer nutrients.

How Many Times Should A Healthy Baby Kick In The Day?

According to different healthcare providers World Health Organization and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a healthy baby must kick in between 8 to 10 times within two hours, so you must feel ten kicks or rolls within the two hours.

How Many Times Should A Healthy Baby Kick In The Day

It is completely okay if you are not feeling ten movements within 2 hours because your baby might be sleeping. You can try it after eating or when your baby is active. If you can still not feel your baby's movements, immediately visit your gynecologist.

If you are curious about your baby sleeping, look at:

When Do Babies Sleep 12 Hours Without Feeding? - Revive Baby
Newborns are supposed to sleep 12 -16 hours a day. Some babies sleep up to 19 hours within 24 hours. Every baby has a different sleeping routine. You can adjust their sleep time by doing some training, but it’ll take some time and effort.

What If A Baby Moves A Lot In The Womb?

Most mothers say that their baby moves a lot in their womb after doing kick counting, and when they ask other mothers, they say that the baby doesn't move this much in pregnancy, so that they may get concerned about this. Ten movements within 2 hours are completely normal, but sometimes babies move more than this, which is also completely okay.

Some babies are naturally more active than others, which signifies a healthy pregnancy.

It doesn't mean that if your baby is not moving a lot, they are not a healthy baby. You must remember that baby movements are completely okay, even if they are more or less, but if you observe a change in the movement, then you must visit a gynecologist because it is a sign of stress on the baby.

Why Do Some Babies Become More Active In The Womb At Night?

Many new mothers may observe that their babies become most active in the womb at night, even if they don't have any meals. This is because your baby may become concerned. After all, they feel no movements at night. Such babies may go to sleep during day time when they feel their mother's movement.


Which foods should you avoid during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period, and whatever you eat will affect your baby. Avoid unhealthy things, including alcohol, uncooked eggs, seafood meat, uncooked hot dogs and unpasteurized foods, and large amounts of caffeine. Also, avoid any seafood you suspect has a high amount of mercury, such as sharks or swordfish.

Do babies kick when they are happy?

Yes, it is common for you to feel a kick when a baby is excited. It may be because of something they observe or any activity they want to do; you may also feel an elevated heart rate in the baby when they get excited.


Many new mothers are curious about their fetuses and want to know everything about their unborn babies. Such mothers may have questions like why babies kick in the worm after eating or if it is normal to feel the baby kick after having a snack. So for such mothers, This article is the best guide, and they can get all the information they need about baby movements by reading this article.

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