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Clothes labeled as 24 months are for babies from 18 to 24 months old, while clothes with 2T size are made for toddlers from 2 to 3 years old. Both sizes are different, and it gets easier to figure out when you have a baby.

In this detailed guide, we have elaborated on clothes sizes from 24 months to 2T for babies and toddlers, along with different size charts prepared by popular brands. We hope this guide will clarify the sizing and help you find all your queries.

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Is 2T The Same As 24 Months?

Is 2T The Same As 24 Months

Though 24 months is the same age as 2 years, it completely differs for kids' clothes. People often get confused between these size measurements and labelings.

The baby’s clothes' size is measured in periods such as 6 to 12 months or 12 to 18 months. A cloth size labeled as 6 to 12 months is made to fit a 6-month older baby or up to 12 months old.

If the clothes size is labeled as 24 months, it can fit a child up to 24 months old. A 2T size fits perfectly to a 2-year-old toddler. So, 2T and 24 months sizes are not the same. Below we have explained each size in a different section.

What Size Is A 24-Month-Old?

The 24 months size is made for babies aged 18 to 24 months or 2 years. The clothes in 24m size are perfect for babies weighing 28 to 30 lbs and 32 to 34” tall. The space to accommodate babies in diapers is also considered to allow easy mobility.

So, there will be extra space to make a bulky diaper fit inside the cloth to take off and on. Most clothes include stretchy bottoms, footed pajamas, and elastic waistbands.

What Size Is 2T?

This size is designed for toddlers and ideally fits an average of 2 to 3 years old. 2T size is for toddlers weighing between 29 to 31 lbs and with a height of 35 to 36.5”.

These clothes are for children who are out of diapers or have started walking. For easy understanding, here is an example:

A 4T-sized shirt will fit a 4 to 5 years old and isn’t made for 2 to 3 years old. There is the possibility of varying sizes to fit children of different ages depending on their weight and height.


24 Month Vs. 2T - The Difference Between 24 Months And 2T

24 Month Vs. 2T - The Difference Between 24 Months And 2T

The simple difference between the two is 24 months size clothes are for babies, and 2T are for toddlers. But the difference is made by looking at varying aspects such as design, style, and your child’s growth.

Size Measurement

What’s bigger size between 24 months and 2T? The answer is obvious, 24 months of clothes size is smaller than 2T. Your child of 2 years or 18 to 24 months will wear these sized clothes. In contrast, your toddler will fit in 2T clothes.

Diaper Fit

Considering the diaper fit is a better intention to work on the idea of these sizes.

  • The 24 months size clothes have some extra room because they are intended to fit small babies wearing diapers.
  • On the other hand, 2T clothes are for toddlers or walkers who do not wear diapers and do not need extra space. They have learned over time how to pull their pants up and down.


Both clothes sizes are designed according to the age of the children.

  • The 24-month clothes are designed to be more baby-like in style.
  • In contrast, 2T clothes are not too small but are more childlike than babyish.

Easier To Take Off & On

The 24 months size clothes are specifically designed to take off and on easily. It will make it easier to change diapers and wrangle clothes. Most are rompers with onesie-style to access diapers easily.

However, in 2T size, you will see regular shirts for babies with neck holes. You will most probably find footed pajamas in this size.

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Size Charts By Brands To Understand 2T Vs. 24 Months

Size Charts By Brands To Understand 2T Vs. 24 Months

We have shared size charts of different brands to elaborate further on these sizes. These charts will help you understand better about the 24 Months vs. 2T.

Size Chart At Target

Does Target offer the same size for both 24 months and 2T? Yes, this is one of a few retailers with overlapping size measurements for 24 months and 2T in their Cat and Jack's House brand.

You will find 24 months sized clothes in the baby section, while the toddler section has a clothesline from 12m to 18m and 2T.

  • The height for 24 months ranges from 33 to 35.5", and the weight lies between 26.5 to 28 lbs.
  • In contrast, the height and weight of the 2T clothes size are also the same.

If you can't find 24 months' size at Target, you can get 2T as the right size.

Old Navy And Gap’s Size Chart

Other famous retailer for babies and toddler clothes is Old Navy and Gap, which has varying ranges for sizes.

The 24-month-sized clothes are labeled 18m to 24m. In contrast, 2T is a completely different size.

  • The 18m to 24m clothes can fit babies with a height between 31.5 to 33.75" and a weight of 24 to 26 lbs.
  • On the other hand, the 2T size suits toddlers with 33.75 to 36" height and 26 to 28 lbs weight.

Size Chart of Carter

Among all retailers, Carter is the biggest for baby clothes that offer both sizes. There is only a slight difference in 24 months and 2T sizes that 2T is a bit bigger.

However, the weight overlaps for both sizes, while height has more variation.

  • A 24-month size is for a baby with 32 to 34" height and 28 to 30 lbs weight.
  • The 2T size fits perfectly to a toddler with 35 to 36.5" height and 29 to 31 lbs weight.

Children’s Space 24 Months And 2T Size Charts

One of the best low-cost retailers of baby clothes is Children's Space. Both sizes are different, and there is no overlapping in height and weight measurements. Your baby will wear 24 months size and grow into 2T at Children's Space.

  • The 24 months size is for babies 32 to 33.5" in height and 28 to 30 lbs in weight.
  • In comparison, the 2T is made for 33.5 to 35" height toddlers having 30 to 32 lbs weight.


Are 18 To 24 Months A Size 2?

The size 24 months is specifically designed for babies aged 18 to 24 months. In comparison, the 2T size is made for a toddler 2 to 3 years old.

What Does 2T Shirt Size Mean?

A shirt with 2T is intended for a toddler of 2 to 3 years of age. This size is kept slightly bigger than other sizes. A baby with a 33.5 to 35" height can easily wear these sized clothes.

What Is 2T or 3T Clothing?

A 24-month-old or 2-year-old can wear 2T size while the T stands for a toddler. At the same time, the 3T size is for 3 years old children.

Is 1T The Same As 12 Months?

The 12 months clothes size is suitable for 12 months old babies. However, there is a slight difference, 1T clothes size is for mobile babies while 12 months size is for crawling babies.

Wrapping Up

We hope your confusion about 24 months vs. 2T clothes sizes are clear, and the simple explanation you should remember is both sizes are different. You might think they are the same, but 24 months has more space to accommodate a child with a diaper, while 2T has a straight outline that doesn't need space for a diaper.

Note that sizes are just numbers, but the clothes fittings can vary from brand to brand. It also depends on the baby's growth, who may wear clothes with a mix of both sizes. I'd highly recommend getting clothes with size up if you are in doubt. As babies grow faster, the same clothes will be useful for longer.

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